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What is Remote CMS

Remote CMS is a digital signage and IoT control system used for content authoring, monitoring and device management.

Use the system for digital applications across menu boards to billboards, reception screens to ticker displays, even retail to mining, with content authoring and management for any digital display device.

Virtually any functionality or system use is possible with Remote CMS with IoT integration into industrial systems and customised application modules:

Digital Signage Player

Indoor or Outdoor, LCD, projectors or LED displays, all forms of digital signage can be connected. Remote CMS provides content authoring, scheduling and content publishing to individual or a network of digital signage devices.

Data Subscription Integration

Remote CMS can be subscribed to any publicly or privately content accessible on the internet. Digital data services are as simple as a live weather feed but also include data such as broking, banking and news feeds. Private data feeds include examples such production or safety statistics, any data that can be accessed can be displayed on digital signage or trigger a scripted or event action.

Internet of Things (IoT) Interface

Remote CMS connects to any number of sensors and input devices, such as speed detection, cameras, parking systems, water level detection and PLC devices making those sensors now an IoT connectable device. These devices can script or trigger events locally or remotely, in the case of a digital signage application, a script or event and autonomously change the display content.

Monitoring and Reporting System

Live monitoring of Remote CMS health as well as any connected devices supported monitoring functionality. Digital signage monitoring function includes power loss, device tampering, GPS tracking, temperature and system components, even pixel monitoring for LED displays is supported.

Live System and Security Updates

Over the air live updates are pushed to the Remote CMS controller. Critical updates are published immediately while noncritical updates are packaged monthly to reduce data usage. Security updates include operating system as well as software patches and upgrades.

Developer API

As Remote CMS is a proven and robust IoT solution, developers can integrate digital signage or other devices into their own requirement. Whether the requirement is to receive data from connected devices, integrate monitoring for system critical applications or directly control connected devices or digital signage, any number of API (Application Programming Interface) solutions can be provided.

Remote CMS Base System

Using the latest web technologies, Remote CMS offers an intuitive, powerful suite of editors and tools to get the most out of your devices - for any display, any purpose, and from anywhere. The base host system includes a standard suite of tools and functions:

Live monitoring and logging, with the ability to recall logs and analyse for intermittent issues
Live system updates to ensure the latest standards and security for your devices
Device temperature monitoring and alerts. Got an outdoor device? This feature is critical for device reliability
Audit history for user access and event actions
Unlimited user accounts with granular access controls
Automatic email alerts for system fault or loss of power
Cloud storage
Content authoring tools, such as slideshow editor
Content scheduler with recurring content and priority control features
Manual brightness control and threshold management
Automatic on/off times for display operation
Display test functions

What Can Remote CMS Do?

Remote CMS provides a unified platform for managing embedded systems and digital displays. At its core, Remote CMS is a service that connects a device to your web browser - from a phone, PC, anything with an internet connection. this device then connects to any combination of inputs (e.g. environmental sensors, switching relays, web APIs etc.) and outputs to your digital display. With device inputs, you can:

Read sensors in real time

Each device is equipped with a standard array of sensors to ensure the system remains in optimal condition as it runs.

Integrate control hardware

Devices can connect external hardware such as relays, switches, control boards, parking counters and more. As well as reading the state of these devices, Remote CMS provides scripts to configure the device's behaviour, for example, displaying a "full" message when a car park has reached capacity.

Subscribe to internet-connected data sources and systems

Each device has the ability to be subscribed to any data source available on the internet, being public or private data. this includes data sources such as RSS feeds, stock market data, management data such as production or safety statistics, weather and environmental data.

Interface to 3rd party intelligent systems

At any device point (RCMS node), the device has the ability to receive data from any analogue or digital connected system such as serial or PLC devices. This data can be processed and analysed in real time at the device, update any display medium, control connected outputs and share that same data in a secure private network for other remotely connected RCMS nodes or internet data sources.

Record webcam and security video, and integrate speed cameras

Add a webcam to monitor the operation of the digital display, or stream the live data to a digital display, internet or a web page. Use video recording for safety, security, monitoring, analytics or targeted marketing strategies. Speed detection services can be used to monitor machine, vehicle or pedestrian speeds for security, analytics, content control or a combination of these uses. For example, speed detection on an industrial site, content on the display is varied based on the speed detected and should a threshold be exceeded, a snapshot can be taken and emailed to site security for further action.

Display Outputs

Create Documents for LED Displays

LED displays have very specific characteristics to achieve rich media with crisp and clear content. Embedded fonts allow for alias free text on low resolution displays, colour pallet control for clarity of content and processor control for brightness and display effects for smooth image and text movement. Remote CMS includes these, and many more embedded control methods, to achieve the greatest effect and output on a LED display. An embedded display also provides extended device control, offline operation and display device monitoring, all specific requirements for outdoor roadside display to meet traffic and council regulations.

Create & Display Video and High Resolution Multi-media Content

Document editors allow for multi media presentations containing text, images, video’s, live streaming, animations, widgets, data sources and free drawing tools. Background layers and foreground transparency control allows for quick and complex multi media files to be created easily via mobile or desktop. Supporting custom resolutions, with 1080p or 4K video provided as standard. Remote CMS is not display manufacturer dependant for DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort connected displays.

Text Frames

Text frames offer a clear, pixel-perfect display for lower resolution screens with live content (called widgets) integrated into the display. We have a wide range of fonts that will look crisp and clean from any viewing distance, and background images which can be enabled to achieve any desired outcome.

Scrolling Frames

Scrolling ticker signs are a staple of digital signage. Create colourful, dynamic scrolling messages with text, widgets, even RSS feed data.

Media Frames

Media frames allow you to position text, image files, animations*, video files* and animated widgets* using a simple drag-and-drop editor. The live editor preview shows you pixel-for-pixel how your display will appear on a sign.
*Animated media frame content requires compatible display hardware.


The magic of Remote CMS comes with sequences. A sequence is a collection of content that plays through like a slideshow. Sequences can be overlapped, merged and prioritised according to what content is most important for your display

Scheduling and Automation

Scheduling is the simplest form of automation, allowing documents to automate on specific days and times. Recurring events, all day and default document controls ensures content is always active and relevant. The integrated event scheduler allows the user to easily visualise the schedule, see overlapping events as well as content priority. Drag and drop functionality provides the user with familiar calendar control used in most office applications.

Collated Document Control

Displayed content is collated from multiple sources. Publish documents manually on demand, interact with scheduled documents, include event driven documents, or receive documents from 3rd party sources. Each document source is intelligently managed and collated.

Automated Events

Remote CMS has the intelligence and capability to communicate with all manner of embedded systems. Remote CMS is provided in applications for warning displays, access control, wayfinding, boom gate control for traffic management and more.

Developer API

Remote CMS provides an array of web APIs for connectivity depending on the required functionality, for integration into external systems.

Prioritise Content

Document priorities ensure only the most relevant content is collated into a display slideshow. Low, Normal and High priority provides reliable content management through automation. Assign low priorities for non-important background information, normal priority for everyday awareness information and high priorities for critical and important information.

Scripts, Simple Use Programming

Remote CMS includes an easy to use graphical programming language to automate and control your device's behaviour. With scripts, you can attach an event to an external condition. For example, if the outside temperature is over 30 degrees, display a frozen dessert menu, or, if fewer than 10% parking bays are available, change the sign to "full".

What's Included?

For less than


Per day
Unlimited telephone support
Unlimited software upgrades
Unlimited security upgrades and patches
Unlimited users and remote access
Software license fee
Usability on Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge
HTML5, CSS3 and ECMAScript compliant
Full audit history, security management and two-factor user authentication
Hosting and data storage on Microsoft Azure
Add or remove devices and subscriptions instantly

How Do I Connect?

Remote CMS can be accessed on any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop from any modern web browser. The web application is designed with mobile as a first class experience, and integrates with native functionality from touch gestures to drag-and-drop where available. Security is paramount for Remote CMS. All web communication is SSL encrypted, your authentication details are never shared and two-factor authentication is available. Robust audit logs are available for devices shared between multiple users.

Device Connection Options

Choose from BYO Device or Remote CMS provided. Remote CMS offer industrial ruggedised solutions with features for reliable, long term and trouble-free operation:
  • Device monitoring, reporting and self-management
  • Independent hardware watchdog
  • SSD to avoid corruption
  • Low-power high temperature capable processor
The device can connect to Remote CMS through a variety of connection methods:
  • 4G Mobile Network
    • BYO SIM (your choice of carrier) or RCMS managed (Telstra or Optus)
    • Signal strength and data usage monitoring
    • Outdoor ruggedised solution
    • Industrial 4G data service
    • SMS alerts and interface option
  • Ethernet
    • DHCP or Fixed IP
    • Outdoor ruggedised solution
  • Wifi
    • Onboard WiFi for indoor control systems
    • Outdoor installations recommended ethernet BYO industrial WiFi access point infrastructure
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