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Remote CMS is a subscription based device management service.

The base system simply connects a device to the service over the internet to allow instructions to be sent, data to be received and the device to be monitored.

Remote CMS is commonly used for digital signage, connected to LED, LCD, video walls or projectors. As a user, you can manage your own digital signage device or build an entire digital signage network locally, statewide, nationally or worldwide.


User Licensing

User licencing is provided per device with monthly or annual subscription and discounts available for multiple devices and multi-year subscriptions. Under a user licencing agreement you get:
Online cloud storage or media documents
Powered by Microsoft Azure
Content editing and authoring tools
Remote management, logging and full audit history
Remotely accessible service and device support
Unlimited user accounts and an admin account for management
Two-factor authentication and lost password reset ability
Ongoing free system and security updates
Choice of monthly or annual billing

Less than

$10 per month*

* Based on 10 connected devices. Subscription only. Maximum base hosting cost is $24 + GST per month for month-to-month and single unit subscription. Discounts apply for multiple devices, annual payments and multi-year pre-payments.


BYO Device

Self Install

  • USB installer posted
  • Includes remote connection and configuration
  • Includes online training and first user support
  • Discounts apply for multiple connections or returning customers



Factory Install

  • Send your device to Brisbane for installation and configuration.
  • Includes online training and first use support


+ GST, plus freight

Commercial Application Ruggedised Controller

  • Provisioned and ready to connect your own display
  • DIN rail or VESA mounting
  • Size L14 × W12 × H4 cm
  • Solid state disk for data integrity
  • Includes device management tools and temperature monitoring
  • Serial, USB or ethernet connectivity for connecting your own network controller
  • Includes software and hardware watchdogs for self-diagnosed reset and restart
  • Compliant for outdoor operating temperature to +80°C
  • Suitable for IT / ICT professional installation

$590 (Add $80 for WiFi option)

+ GST, plus freight
(excludes install support and training)

Commerical Controller & Remote Support Package

  • Commercial Application Ruggedised Controller with all inclusions listed
  • Remote support for install assistance
  • Consultation and best practice support
  • Device and software configuration
  • Plug and play ready, simply connect and device is online
  • 1 hour online remote training session (4 × 15 minute periods)
  • Suitable for installations where you do not have IT / ICT support
  • Includes online training and first user support

$750 (Add $80 for WiFi option)

+ GST, plus freight

Internet Connection

Required for the RCMS controller to connect to the Microsoft Azure hosted Remote CMS web service to receive control instructions and provide monitoring feedback.

Examples of internet connections that can be used are:

  • Direct cable connection to an NBN modem from your chosen internet provider. Here the RCMS controller will be directly connected to an internet or NBN router, the NBN router may be fibre, copper or 4G/5G wireless internet and the connection from the modem will be an ethernet cable connection up to 90M in length. **
  • Direct cable connection to a local area network (LAN). In this instance the RCMS controller is connected to your business network by fixed IP or DHCP network connection by an ethernet cable connection up to 90M in length. **
  • Installation of a WiFi access point or bridge. There are an abundance of WiFi access point/bridge to provide a cable free solution such as the Ubiquiti airMAX range https://store.ui.com/collections/operator-airmax-devices. Each organisation have specific requirements and restrictions around WiFi network infrastructure, as such the organisations' ICT team should be consulted for the appropriate solution to be sourced and installed. Outdoor WiFi has specialised requirements based on range and environment, as such RCM Systems preferences is a cabled or 4G modem solution for trouble free and ruggedised installation.
  • 4G Modem connection provides cable free and local area network (LAN) free operation. The benefits of a 4G connection are that the solution is 'off grid' meaning there is no ICT involvement from the organisation and the device is fit for purpose in an outdoor ruggedised environment.

** WiFi connection is also available when connecting an indoor installed WiFi enabled RCMS controller.

4G Modem

4G data modems come in many shapes and sizes. RCM Systems have developed the Remote CMS software solution to integrate directly to the Intercel SAM4-T industrial grade modem: https://www.intercel.com.au/product/sam4-t. The benefits of the SAM4-T modem and sourcing from RCM Systems include:

  • Direct connection and custom cable wiring providing dual port control, USB for high speed data communication and RS232 for diagnosis, SMS and device control.
  • Device managed dial and connection specifically for M2M/IoT applications
  • Dual communication, active data connection and device control (i.e. signal strength)
  • Integrated warranty with RCMS controller and 4G modem
  • Full remote support and diagnosis, no restrictions on access and support services
  • Standard 3GPP AT commands TS 27.007
  • Output power: Class 3 @ LTE and Class 3 @ UMTS
  • Support 3V / 1V8 U-SIM card
  • Operating temperature to +85°C
  • Includes external 2dBi compact patch antenna and 3M lead


+ GST, in addition to RCM Systems industrial grade controller and BYO data SIM card, or bring your own device.


  • Telstra SIM card with 2GB data per month and managed service $280 + GST per annum
  • Antenna, 3dBi 250mm whip type, add $40 + GST
  • Antenna, 5dBi premium high gain industrial type, add $95 + GST

Enterprise Licensing

Enterprise licensing allows companies and groups to host their service with a personally branded web platform.

Typically having more than 25 devices will provide cost efficiencies to own and manage your own enterprise site. With an enterprise site the web portal is personally branded for your organisation allowing entities to build their own subscriber network of digital signs and hosted data solutions. With an enterprise solution, organisations are billed a base monthly service fee and compute power provided by the server. While an enterprise customer can add as many devices as they desire, an enterprise customer is also responsible for the installation, management, individual device upgrades and user support. Remote CMS provide server support for new software releases, bug fixes and sever related issues only.

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