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Display Output Types

Remote CMS supports a wide range of display technologies for device outputs. Each type of display has a number of benefits that are suited for specific applications.

1080p and 4K Video Panels

With the 4K video output module, any 16:9 aspect ratio digital panel can be connected to Remote CMS. Advanced programming logic provides ease of content creation with multiple elements on the canvas being any combination or quantity of video, image, text, widget or live elements. Remote CMS is more than a simple media player, it is inclusive of scheduling, auto on/off controls, fall back logic in case of a fault and remote monitoring.

Graphic LED Displays

Graphic LED displays are typically greater that 32 pixels in height but less than 512 x 256 pixels. This type of display is the most advanced hardware providing exceptional robustness and reliability with industrial asynchronous processor. Advanced screen control with imbedded fonts provides crisp and highly readable text specially designed for outdoor display clarity.

Numeric-type Digital Displays

Numeric type display are commonly used for time of day clocks, counters, parking spaces and petrol price displays. Remote CMS has a display module output specially designed for numeric type display panels and their low level logic control.

Video LED Displays

A video LED display is a synchronous LED panel that clones the video output of a multimedia device. Typically resolutions exceed 512 x 256 pixels, the Remote CMS output is designed to cater to any custom display resolution and display position within the desktop canvas. While the display output is synchronous, system development allows for brightness control, screen lock, hardware monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Text-based Displays

Text type displays are commonly referred to as ‘tickers’. A ticker is a low resolution digital display with an embedded type asynchronous processor requiring a dedicated communication interface. Advanced logic programming is required to ensure that the desired display output matches what the user has defined.

Live Content

Weather Data

Weather display is a standard module that users can subscribe to and receive hourly live weather updates by the displays postcode location. Weather options include current temp, graphic widget, short weather description, humidity, UV levels and 3 days forecast.

Environmental Hazard Alerts

Get live environmental hazard alerts, such as lightning vicinity alerts, cyclone status displays and blast warning display panels. In the industrial environment the conditions are harsh and the system reliability and up time is critical.

Stock, Shares and Trading Data

ASX and other trading data can be dynamically integrated into any digital display. BYO data source or subscribe to various platforms allows for live trading data to be displayed.

Boating / Ocean Data

Live data relating to tide levels, wind speed, swell and weather warnings are examples of data that can be subscribed to or received from an industrial device output. Volunteer Marine Rescue use Remote CMS to share public information such around marine warnings while various port authorities use Remote CMS to display critical data relating to port operations, essential for safe marine operations.

Fire Danger Rating (FDR)

In line with Australia’s standardised, improved, and simplified fire danger rating system, dynamically update your digital displays automatically, every hour. Suitable for display on LED displays, LCD monitors and analogue outputs for “traffic light” type displays. With Scripting enabled, set rules on time, date, temperature, and FDR status to automatically update your digital display with specified content.

Emergency Service Alerts

Subscribe to emergency service alerts to automatically update a digital display panel based on various public emergencies including severe weather and bushfire. Advanced system interfaces through API or SMS allow for geolocation automatic updates and also provides emergency services direct access to override the display for specific localised critical information such as ‘leave now’ or ‘road closed’.

RSS News Feeds

Remote CMS RSS module is a standard data interface that allows for live streaming data such as news feeds to be displayed on digital displays, with support provided for ticker type scrolling displays.


Adding Remote CMS for a digital display in school environments provides many advanced features and solutions

School Zone Control

Automatically display school zone speed limits and wig wag lights on any outdoor digital display based on school term dates and times.

Emergency Lockdown control

Interfacing to school lockdown controls allows all digital displays to reflect the lockdown requirements when triggered. Outdoor digital displays can alert parents not to enter school grounds, with indoor and wayfinding displays able to direct students and staff on lockdown requirements.

Amber Alerts

Allows community interaction through sharing of access control to display amber alerts through public addressable systems.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Digital displays can be financed through fundraising and community engagement. Remote CMS modules allow clear segregation and control of content from third-parties, public information and local school communication.

Speed Detection and Awareness

Adding a speed detector allows for public awareness when the speed limit has been exceeded. Slowing down the public traffic can only lead to increased student safety

After Hours and Remote Access

Should the digital signage require remote and immediate access, remote access allows authorised users to remotely update the digital displays with appropriate public information.

Delegated Access Control

Allows sharing of limited access for various departments to publish their own content. For example, that the Head of Sports may be given access to a single slide within a sequence and while away from campus able to publish content.

Parking Systems

Simple Space Counter

A simple space counter module is interfaced to an existing boom gate and ticket machine to display the number of available spaces. Parking space data is shared via a web interface module that allows for space data to be displayed on an intranet or public internet site. Once the parking space data has been collected, the data and content can be shared to numerous strategically located display panels.

Directional and Wayfinding

Remote CMS allows for advanced programming logic to automatically direct cars to the most appropriate parking location. AI logic can detect slow traffic movement, queued cars and traffic congestion and redirect traffic to alternate locations based on predefined logic.

Simple Access Control

Simple access control facilitates autonomous device control and content output based on defined use cases. Most familiar would be carpark full which can be triggered by software, a manual switch, a remote control or via a relay content from an existing access control system, ticket machine or boom gate.

API Interface

Already have a software or carpark management system? Interface any device output, LED or LCD display to provide wayfinding or public parking information. Output options could include access control, directional lights or digital signage.

Retail Applications QSR / Food

Point of Sale (POS)

Integrate Remote CMS with POS Systems for automated display content. Digital Signage can be intelligent based on promotion of slow moving items or reducing promotion on items nearing low stock.

Social Media Integration

Digital signage can be dynamic with social media interaction. Sharing tweets or posts, followers, likes or comments allows for digital signage to be dynamic and interactive.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are now a standard expectation for consumers. Remote CMS provides dynamic and intelligent digital menu boards for a single store, through to a national brand. Grouping of sites by brand, price point and demographics allows for a single point of data entry that is shared across the network autonomously.

Safety Displays

Security Gate / Access Control

Integrate Remote CMS with an access control system or provide access control and connect a digital display to provide directional information and access validation content. When not being used for access control the digital display can provide general information, safety and site awareness content. Integration can be provided via a digital source as well as simple analogue interfaces that require a simple relay input from existing access control systems transforming a red/green light system (stop/go) into a dynamic digital display system.

Blasting Boards

Digital blasting displays can provide more than a display medium. Solar powered systems allow for displays to be positioned on the most remote locations, data logging and monitoring for solar charge and battery status provides maintenance awareness for solar panel cleaning and battery maintenance. Critically low voltage levels generate alerts to inform the blasting supervisor that urgent attention is required to implement the redundancy process. Add a movement detection module to the display and the blasting supervisor will be alerted to vehicle or pedestrian movement in the blast vicinity. Add speed detection and snapshot interface to report vehicles exceeding the safe speed limit.

Safety and Production Displays

Safety and production data can be shared site wide across a variety of display mediums. Custom developed modules can provide a central repository of data for content display and statistics or data analysis. Integration into 3rd party systems allows for selected data to be shared between systems.

Cyclone Alert / Lightning Vicinity

Digital displays provide alert level warnings for public and private site locations to provide safety and public awareness. Remote CMS supports various output modules that can be integrated with or without a digital display panel such as lights, sirens or access control. Remote CMS provides environmental monitoring such as wind speed and direction, and detectors for the direction and severity of lightning using direction-finding and analysis of characteristic frequencies emitted by lightning. Any data collected can be shared site wide, control other devices and issue SMS alerts, as a few examples.

Fire Danger Displays

Fire Danger Ratings and Alerts can be shared across a variety of different display mediums in any give vicinity. Dynamically update your displays automatically with a Fire Danger Rating subscription and use scripting to set rules on time, date, temperature, and FDR status to automictically update your displays.


Outdoor / Community Sport

Adding a scoreboard module to Remote CMS allows your advertising display to be multipurpose. Being a web hosted system, community venues are able to grant access to the digital display panel through a simple QR code system. A community member is granted temporary access to the digital display to operate the display as a scoreboard. Once the temporary access has expired, the digital display will revert to its original content display. During scoreboard mode the user has the ability to use timers and scoring based on various sport modules subscribed as well as display on demand graphics and crowd promotion.

Indoor / Schools / Community Centres

Remote CMS is a simple addition to any display panel, LCD or projector. Full wireless connectivity, mobile or tablet devices are suited for scoreboard operation including soccer, basketball, netball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, handball, water polo and swimming carnivals. The user can subscribe to any number of sport modules, and select form standard template design or customise display layouts as they require.

Timers / Marathon / Motorsport / Golf

As well as the timer display and ensuring multiple displays are synchronised, Remote CMS provides data management for split times, results, start times and finish times by competitor. Data can be used for official results or shared to a public display leader board system.

Third-Party Integration

Remote CMS can integrate with existing third-party infrastructure including specialised industrial hardware, social media, web services, apps, and more.

Hardware Modules

Remote CMS readily integrates with a variety of specialised hardware systems including switchable relays, car park counters, loop detectors, distance sensors and control boards. These devices communicate with Remote CMS using a generalpurpose protocol that can be implemented in third party devices, or with an adapter device. Protocol specifications can be requested for manufacturing embedded devices that communicate with Remote CMS systems.

Social Media

Social media platforms with compatible APIs can be integrated into Remote CMS functionality, for example by including social media feeds or trending topics on a display device.

Apps, Services and Web Development

Remote CMS features an extensive developer API for monitoring device status and controlling device behaviour. Online documentation for the Remote CMS API can be accessed here. With a Remote CMS API subscription, a sample utility for assisting development is provided, and will include documentation specific to the API functions granted.

Ticker Displays

Ticker Module

The digital display scrolling module allows for a scrolling ticker to overlay the background image or content. Traditionally a digital display was either a static screen or a scrolling display, now Remote CMS integrates both medium into a sign display output.

ASX / Stock Data

ASX Signal D data feed is a standard module add on where the user is wanting to display a selection of trading stocks. Trading stocks can be displayed based on volume, capex, change or manually selected and be data limited. For example, the user could select the top 100 trading stocks by volume to display. Other trading platforms are able to share trading data or data can be integrated through RSS feed or third-party API access.

RSS Data

RSS data feed allows connection to a variety of public shared data content sources such as news or information. RSS data is integrated by the Remote CMS server to analyse the operators requirement, this could be to display the most recent data feed or only display data feed based on keyword or tags used within the RSS feed. An example could be a ‘Breaking News’ tag, when detected the digital display will stop what it is doing, display a attention grabbing background and follow with the news ticker feed for a period of 5 minutes before returning to normal operation. These controls and functions are a standard operator module provided within Remote CMS.

Video Systems

4K Video Module

Remote CMS supports connection of 4K capable display panels. BYO media player for Remote CMS software installation or discuss your hardware requirement with RCMS Systems.

Video Streaming

With 4G and 5G data services now available, Remote CMS easily supports live video streaming to your chosen display panel.

Video Processor

Video Processors provide multiple live video sources to be switched or matrixed (i.e. Picture in Picture) for display output. Remote CMS modules support a variety of video processors providing remote web application control of the video matrix switcher. Controls for video source, display output, brightness, saturation and audio are all integrated into Remote CMS. This functionality allows a single RCMS node to operate as a digital signage output, such as a digital scoreboard controlled as well as a live video matrix switcher.
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