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Connect, Create, Control, Secure, Monitor, Manage, Extend

Connect your displays and access them from anywhere
From display schedules to scripting, control what to display and how
Keep track of the health of your devices with fault alerts
Build your device functionality with application modules
Create dynamic presentations for your displays with specialised document editors
Your account and devices secured with the highest industry standard security
Delegate access to your devices with granular access controls


Live Data Subscriptions

Subscribe to live data such as Weather, RSS New Feeds, Trading Data and so much more.

API Integration

Integrate Remote CMS into your existing software and IoT solution. Remote CMS is a proven and robust IoT solution allowing developers to easily integrate digital signage or other devices into their back-of-house solution.

Training as Standard

Remote CMS makes learning a new program simple, with training and first user support for all new device subscribers.

Online Content Manager

With creator tools as standard, seamlessly create, schedule, and manage your digital screens content, all with a few clicks from anywhere at any time.

Works with Anything

Remote CMS works with any digital screen for any purpose, whether it be scoreboards, menu boards, large format advertising screens, we have a module for everything.

Scripting Rules (Macro)

Got a product that’s not selling well or require autonomous control? Create event-based rules for your device or content output. Examples include time, temperature, or content-based events as well as input devices or data sources.