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Welcome to Remote CMS

Remote CMS is a web-based management system for "Internet of Things" devices, especially digital signage systems. Remote CMS allows you to:

  • Create and display content for a variety of displays
  • Monitor device health sensors and receive error alerts
  • Subscribe to a variety of "data" sources, including third party hardware, RSS feeds, weather, etc.
  • Create display schedules
  • Create scripts to control the device behaviour

Desktop, tablet and mobile compatibility

Remote CMS is designed with mobile in mind. We rigorously test the user interface on everything from Android, to iPhone, iPad, and any modern web browser on desktop operating systems.


Remote CMS is tested on all modern web browsers across operating systems, and officially supports Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.
Other web browsers that use the Blink, Webkit or Gecko rendering engines (e.g. Opera, Konqueror, Vivaldi, Flock, etc.) are not tested but can be expected to work perfectly if they are kept up to date.


Remote CMS uses a "touch first" approach to the user interface. Every function available on the desktop web is available to your fingertips. "Right-click" context menus are available by "long tapping". Multi-touch gestures like pinch to zoom and two finger rotate are also available in document editors.


On smaller screens, important functionality is tucked away in the sidebar and drop-down menus, giving the workspace area as much screen space as is available. Likewise, control panels and input controls will adjust to better fit smaller displays.